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United Kingdom
Internship Program 2017 - UAE - all Undergraduates can apply
London, UK

Secondary or equivalent
IT Skills 1
  • Network Administration

1 opening available

Open ended contract

0% travel

✓ Yes Direct hire employee
✓ Yes Full-time
✓ Yes Permanent
✓ Yes On-site
✓ Yes Remote work

Key features * A health benefits portfolio that provides strong support for employee well-being and preventive care, comprehensive coverage to meet a range of medical situations, and solid protection against the cost of serious injury or illness. * Income protection in case of serious illness, injury or death, including life insurance and disability benefits. * A retirement program that helps build future financial security through retirement savings and other capital accumulation programs. * Opportunity to follow leisure pursuits through vacation, personal leave and holiday plans. Eligibility Regular IBM employees are eligible for all benefit programs, except the IBM Employees Stock Purchase Plan, beginning with the first day of employment. Health care coverage (medical, dental and vision) is available for you, your spouse/eligible domestic partner and eligible children and other dependents (documentation supporting eligibility is required). IBM provides a range of options, to allo

Job description

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Professional effectiveness
Problem Solving
IBM Intern.

Do you want to discover what it's like to work for a multi-national company? Do you want to have the chance to discover a network of key professionals and make your own impactful connections? Are you eager to be challenged, to discover your full potential?

IBM is a leader in the global transformation era. It is just the place to launch your future career and develop skills for navigating this new world. At IBM, you'll collaborate with extraordinary people in a creative environment to make the world work better.

We have launched...
... this job posting is not a live opening we are keen to receive profiles of students who are currently studying for their degree and in interested in such upcoming opportunities. Please review the requirements to be qualified and considered. If it is a match to your profile, please apply so that we may connect with you.

All UAE students studying degrees in : Technology, Business, Marketing, Graphic Design, HR etc

Apply today. Start Date for all IBM UAE internships from 1st June 2017. We will review all your applications - your online application profile status will be updated by the recruitment team.