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Cyber security jobs in Irvine, CA

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Looking for the right fit at a tech company like Acer, Infosys or Blizzard Games? Irvine is an exciting location that offers plenty of employment opportunities and a great place to live. Irvine has an extensive park system, a thriving arts and entertainment scene and a variety of community festivals and celebrations throughout the year. The city's strong economy, high quality schools and dedication to preserving many acres of open, green space have made Irvine a popular destination for families and others who are looking to balance quality of life with an exciting career.

There is always something to see or do in Irvine, as the city has numerous opportunities for recreation and fun. The popular Orange County Great Park is located here, featuring art exhibits, sports and other activities across 688 acres of open land. Irvine also has a popular children’s museum, amusement parks, theaters and large entertainment venues.

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