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Are you ready for your dream job at a tech company like PowerObjects, MentorMate or True Source? Then consider the Minneapolis area. Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota and the 14th largest metropolitan area in the US. The city has a thriving tech market and a low cost of living, making it an attractive option for many job seekers. It’s also very pedestrian friendly, making it easy to get to the city's many museums, theaters or shopping areas.

There are some great things to do and see in Minneapolis. The city offers everything from fine French Cuisine downtown, to more casual dining experiences on East Lake Street. If you’re looking for thrilling cultural experience, the historical Walker Art Museum and the Mill City Museum are popular options, while the University of Minnesota is popular college choice for students from all over the country. Professional sports play a big role in this mid-western town, with the MInneapolis Twins (MLB), Minnesota Vikings 9NFL) and the MInnesota Timberwolves (MLS) all drawing consistently strong audiences.

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