Has Technology Improved Your Hiring?

How have the latest technological advances in recruiting improved your hiring process? It’s a safe bet that you’ve had mixed results. Even the best tech breakthroughs have unexpected consequences, right? Escalators were clearly preferable to stairs, but now half of us are in the gym on the stair climbers to make up for it. Applicant tracking … Continue reading Has Technology Improved Your Hiring?

Now I need a personal brand? Seriously?

It sounds like another buzz word. A passing trend. Another road block between you and your next “best job ever.” You’ve put in your educational time getting degreed and/or trained. You’ve beefed up your work experience and related skills. You did the hard part … now you’ve got to launch your own personal marketing campaign? … Continue reading Now I need a personal brand? Seriously?

New Year, Fresh Start

Why does “the New Year” seem so monumental? Can we all just agree that, realistically, it’s just another day in the life? But I guess we humans like definitive beginnings and endings to things. We certainly embrace the idea of getting through to year end, over the holiday hump and starting a new calendar page … Continue reading New Year, Fresh Start

The Résumé Is Going… Going…

Most job boards have a post about the first résumé somewhere in their blog history.  Leonardo DaVinci’s résumé written in 1482 is often used to show how to write a good résumé. Experts say that DaVinci omitted some of his most famous artistic skills on purpose. Instead, he focused on the skills his audience, the Duke of Milan, would find … Continue reading The Résumé Is Going… Going…