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Unemployment among tech professionals is very, very low right now. And that means it’s a good time to keep an eye open for more lucrative opportunities.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics January’s unemployment rates overall were down, from 5.7% to about 5%. But among Computer and Mathematical Occupations, unemployment is less than half of the national average at 2.4%.

With the available talent pool so small, employers desperate for tech talent are turning over every stone. This includes social media and professional recruiters, as well as job boards that cater to passive job seekers. And this gives network administrators, software engineers, data analysts, and other IT professionals a huge opportunity. And they should capitalize right away.

The following are our recommendations to ALL IT professionals, whether they are unemployed or not, to maximize their earning potential.

Demonstrate your skills

Employers hungry for your talents first need to know that you have the skills they are looking for. Accomplish this by keeping your professional social media accounts up to date.  Also, join job boards such as that allow passive candidates to show off their skills. In all cases, keep these profiles complete with a comprehensive list of your skills.

Sign up for job alerts


Many job boards allow job seekers to post their résumés for free and sign up for automatic job alerts. By doing this, you’re both maintaining a presence where employers in need of your skills can find you, and keeping an eye on opportunities that might interest you.

Highlight your most marketable skills

In 2014, GeekWire documented a huge demand in job seekers with formal education in Computer Science. Meanwhile, ITWorld has noted that the high demand in Computer Science skills has not enticed more college students to pursue Computer Science degrees. This would make Computer Science a highly marketable item on a profile or résumé. Research your industry to determine which of your skills are in highest demand and find ways to highlight those skills on your profiles or résumé. offers a simple approach to highlighting skills.

Keep your profile current

If you have a professional profile on social media or a job site such as, keep your skills updated. As a passive job seeker, simply keeping an up-to-date profile is more important than updating your résumé.  An online profile gets constant exposure to employers and every impression is a potential opportunity.

However passive job seekers approach this bullish “IT skills” market, it is clear that there is a lot of opportunity for direct upward movement, as well as strategic lateral movement. IT professionals should keep all options open while the scales are still tilted in their favor. While US students may not be aggressively seeking careers in fields such as computer science, the global talent pool remains competitive, and offshore IT professionals may soon change the current market.