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Unemployment in the tech sector is low right now, which means IT professionals have leverage over their employers. Now is the time to search for that perfect tech position and take your career to the next step. Here are 5 tips for using ITJobMatch to find that perfect fit.

#1 Complete your entire profile on

ITJobMatch doesn’t rely solely on your résumé to show employers your skills.  A completed ITJobMatch profile doubles as both your application profile and your default search filters when looking for a job. In other words, your profile is the first thing employers see when you apply to a job. Also, your completed profile will help us provide you with more targeted job listings, based on your job preferences and skill sets.

#2 Add your skills

Skills and experience are what truly distinguish two candidates with the same job title. Add as many skills as you can to your ITJobMatch profile to demonstrate to employers how you stand apart from the crowd. Proper résumé formatting doesn’t allow a long list of skills, but it’s perfectly welcome and encouraged on your ITJobMatch profile.

#3 Complete self-assessments

ITJobMatch doesn’t just allow you the opportunity to list your skills.  You can elaborate on your proficiency with certain skills by performing self-assessments.  Grade yourself on individual skills to show employers how you can be of service, and where you really shine.

#4 Include your profile picture

ITJobMatch is a job board.  It’s not social media.  However, ITJobMatch does provide job seekers with the ability to upload a profile pic and banner image to their profiles. Don’t underestimate the value of presenting your face up front.  Everyone prefers a face, including employers, so show yours proudly!

#5 “Find jobs for me”

As alluded to in #1, your profile acts as your default search filters during a job search.  Tweak them as you will, but using the “Find jobs for me” tool will provide you with highly targeted job options, including indicators of how well each job fits your listed skillsets and job preferences.  And if you don’t see the perfect job right away, don’t sweat it! We will email you alerts of only the best matches as new jobs are posted.

Remember – employers will pay more for the perfect candidate. By following these tips, you are giving yourself the best chance to BE the perfect candidate for the perfect job.

Happy job hunting!