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Map your IT fingerprint

Your combination of IT skills is as unique as your fingerprint. Use our exclusive IT Skill Taxonomy to map your skills on an online profile far more powerful than any résumé.

Perform self assessments

Each skill in our IT Skill Taxonomy has a self assessment feature, allowing you to estimate your proficiency. Rate yourself from having Basic to Expert knowledge, demonstrating to employers where you can provide assistance, and where you really shine.

Post your profile on

Employers are looking for job seekers with specific IT skills on By posting your detailed profile, employers can match their skill requirements to the skills you possess.}

Find IT jobs that fit uses a powerful matching engine that presents you with jobs that fit your skills and work preferences. Jobs are calculated with a "percent fit" score based on how well each job suits you. With this feature, you'll start your job search at the short list!

Apply for IT jobs

Our application process is simple. Submit your detailed profile to any employer in our database with a single click.

Find employers, recruiters, and service companies

When looking for the best opportunity, it makes sense to turn every stone. Search for employers that are always hiring, find service firms that specialize in your IT niche, or contact a specialized recruiter to help place you.

Highlight your profile

If you’re in an industry with high turnover, or performing as an independent consultant always looking for the next opportunity, you might want to highlight your profile in search results. Stand out in the crowd with a more stylized search listing that displays more details on you than regular search listings.

Stay anonymous… if you prefer

As a job seeker, your privacy is protected if you want to remain anonymous. If not, be sure to add your photo to your profile for the best quality listing.

Contact people is not social media, however we do provide an integrated messaging system that gives users the ability to communicate with other users beyond the job application process.