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Post your IT jobs

Post your jobs on and attract the exact talent you are looking for. Using our exclusive IT Skill Taxonomy, you choose the skills required for a job, and our powerful matching engine finds the job seekers with those skills.

Post jobs anonymously

If you prefer not to have your company and contact details included in a job post, we offer the ability to post a job anonymously. Only job applicants that you approve will know who posted the job.

Find job seekers with specific talent

Search for IT professionals with specific combinations of skills using the search filters in our IT Skill Taxonomy. Job seekers are calculated with a "percent fit" score based on how well they fit your job requirements. With this feature, you'll start your search for candidates at the short list!

Review IT skill self assessments

Job seekers on have complete profiles that outline their skills in far more detail than you would find on résumés. They even have self assessments for the skills on their profiles, giving you a clearer picture of each job seeker's strengths and weaknesses.

Find recruiters and services companies

If you need help filling an opening, or if you are considering outsourcing a job to a contractor, includes separate search features to help connect you with specialized recruiters and services companies.

Contact job seekers

By posting a job on, you're already attracting great candidates, but you can also reach out to job seekers who haven't yet applied. Our integrated messaging system gives you the ability to be more proactive in your search for talent.

Manage saved candidates

Save candidates to specific jobs. Compare and sort candidates by how well they fit a job's requirements.

Post an ad

If you're always looking for certain IT talent, or you simply want more attention drawn to your job openings, you can promote your company with an advertisement on}